guttadrytek® 2.0, element made entirely from recycled materials, used as disposable formwork and barrier against humidity and radon.
Product description
  • High elasticity, impact strength, less sensitivity to thermal changes, no fragile breaks phenomena.
  • Contains a colouring additive that provides high resistance to U.V. rays.
  • The behaviour of the frame and of the formwork elements during the casting were subjected to numerical simulations and tests by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia.
  • Disposable formwork in campilene® for building air gaps
Technical Data
Gross dimensions cm
58 x 58
Net dimensions cm
56 x 56
Raw material
+/- 10%
Thermal stability
From -40°C to +80°C
Pallet size (cm)
120 x 120
  H 5 H 10 H 15 H 20 H 27 H 30
Element weight kg 0,90 1,20 1,51 1,70 1,80 1,90
Concrete consumption m³/m² 0,0111 0,0162 0,0435 0,0476 0,0533 0,0587
No. of pieces per pallet 444 444 276 264 252 240
m² per pallet (net) 139,23 139,23 86,55 82,79 79,02 75,26
L-section total height cm with fold --- --- 22 27 34 37
  H 35 H 40 H 45 H 50 H 55 H 60
Element weight kg 2,00 2,23 2,45 2,60 2,72 2,88
Concrete consumption m³/m² 0,0587 0,0615 0.0792 0,0832 0,0866 0,0889
No. of pieces per pallet 228 216 184 176 168 160
m² per pallet (net) 71,50 67,63 57,70 55,19 52,68 50,17
L-section total height cm with fold 42 47 52 57 62 67
Foot stop hook
Used to secure air gaps h45 h50 h55 h60
Packing: 100 pieces
gutta® gettostop
Plastic profile used to delimit the casting
Packing: single
Colour: black

Proper building of an air gap using guttadrytek® and the subsequent casting to complete the job entails the following phases:

1. Level the foundation soil by adding filling materials, if necessary, to make it homogeneous.

2. Lay a sheet of guttabeta® Star with the star-shaped dimples facing downward, then cast a layer of lean concrete at least 10 cm thick to support the elements. (guttabeta® Star prevents the concrete used to build the foundation screed from seeping in the soil or in the surface preparation layer).

3. Lay guttadrytek®, being careful to formwork the headers using gutta® gettostop. To ensure a more solid structure, it is advisable to build the air gap at the same time as the foundation beams or the trims used to integrate the foundations of existing walls in case of renovations. (In seismic areas, the mandatory connection of the foundations can be carried out by building an air gap equipped with suitable connecting reinforcements between the various foundation beams.)

4. Cast the reinforced screed with electro-welded net, in the size indicated by the engineer who designed the structures, in relation to the intended use of the structure.

N.B.: The air gap system, consisting of a foundation screed and completing concrete positioned on top of guttadrytek® elements is a structure to all intents and purposes, consequently a qualified technician should determine its size and verify the stress transmitted by it to the ground.