Grass paving system

guttagarden® is the grass paving system for car pars, throughways and driveways. Simple and fast to install, it is the “green” alternatives to cement paving systems.

Grass paving system

Membranes for hanging gardens

gutta® T20 Garden is the draining membrane with a water reservoir for hanging gardens. It is a system of dimpled membranes in polyethylene. Guttabeta® Drain/Drain V is the protective membrane in HDPE par excellence. In addition to being used at all construction yards where the technical component is important in terms of drainage capacity, it is also used as membrane for hanging gardens.

Draining membrane for roof gardens


guttatex® is a non-woven fabric in needle-punched polyester used for the drainage of construction works. 100% made of synthethic fibres, it is the ideal solution when building tunnel, waste dumps, water basins, river banks and reinforced soil.