Acoustic insulation for slabs

guttasilent® N is a closed-cell reticulated polyethylene foam with high thermo-acoustic insulation power. guttasilent® PLUS consists of a new formula of closed-cell polyethylene foam that exalts its acoustic properties.

Acoustic insulation for floors

Acoustic insulations for walls

guttasilent® ecowall is a sheet that consists of three layers: one layer of closed-cell polyethylene foam coupled to a sheet in heavy rubber and to another sheet of polyethylene identical to the first. The product has excellent sound-deadening properties. guttasilent® PB is a sheet consisting of three layers: one layer is a sheet of closed-cell reticulated polyethylene coupled to a lead sheet and to another sheet of closed-cell reticulated polyethylene.

Acoustic insulation for walls


guttasilent® Tagliamuro is product obtained from the production of guttasilent® N 30 and N 50 sheets, trimmed so as to allow easy laying as a heat insulation element for floors. Laying guttasilent® Tagliamuro at the bottom and at the top of the walls significantly improves acoustic insulation. guttasilent® BandaL is a band of polyethylene foam with completely closed cells, used to prevent contact between perimeter walls and the screed with the floor. guttasilent® BandaL is crucial for a obtaining a workmanlike anti-impact sound insulation.